Introduction to Trailed corn Harvester

The trailed corn harvester is a new-type special machine meticulously developed by our company. It refers to the machines that suspend the harvester on the tractor to be integrally formed with the tractor. The machine is featured by low losing rate, high efficiency etc., thus it has won a leading position in both domestic and abroad corn harvest machinery field and could satisfy various requirements of different users.

Trailed Corn Harvester FeaturesTrailed Corn Harvester

1.多function: With a knapsack structure, it can complete the whole process of picking corncob, conveying and gathering corncob into boxes, hydraulically and automatically unloading grain and other functions at a time.

2. Strong Adaption: It can harvest corn with different plant row spacing of various and different corn ear height.

3. Labor Saving: It releases people from busy physical labor, saves people the problem of hard work in the hot sun.

4. No land limit. The flexible design makes the small corn harvester move freely in hilly and mountainous farmland.

How Trailed Combine Harvester Works

As one improved corn harvesting machine, it’s distinct from any other kind of harvesters. Consisting of two parts including cutter and the tractor. The cutter can be mounted on most types of tractors (small size). It works with the process of picking cobs, transporting cobs into the container,cobs peeling, corn straws grinding and peeled cobs assembly. Compared with self-propelled corn harvester, the tailed ones are easier to operate and with lower consume of fuel.

backpack_corn_harvester combine_corn_harvesting_machine

Structure Characteristics

1.Mini Machine body: The machine body is relatively small, so there is no restrictions to the planting spacing and no need to clear the way. Thus it can be widely applied to harvest corn in plain regions, hilly regions and corn interplanting regions.

2. Hydraulic Header: The trailed corn harvester machine has good generality to larger upper and lower slopes and adaptation to different crops because of the header that is driven by hydraulic power.

3. Hydraulic Discharging Device: The corncobs bin is also powered by hydraulic pressure. The capacity is large, so there is no need for frequent discharging which would contribute to high efficiency.

4. Synchronization: The Turning type elevator rises and falls synchronously with cutting platform which would avoid the bluntness of the spike. At the same time, it would strengthen the adaptability to uneven height of corn ear. Compared with theself-propelled corn combine harvester, the knapsack one is relatively mini, so it can be used for the small plots. The knapsack model could use the existing tractor. The investment is small and is easy to recover. It should be the best choice with the excellent work mobility and maneuverability.

freshly_picked corn_without_skin crushed_corn_straw

Trailed Corn Harvester Technical Data

Model Productivity
Matched Power Line Spacing Overall Dimensions Total Weight
AMSCHK-2S 0.14-0.27 ≥13.23 kw 450-750mm 5880×1550×2600 mm 920kg
AMSCH-2 0.2-0.4 ≥36.8 kw 550-900mm 6400×1850×2900 mm 1750kg
AMSCH-3 0.27-0.54 ≥56.8 kw 450-700mm 7200×2200×3150 mm 1800kg

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