Mini Combine Rice Harvesterfor Rice – Freely Work in Muddy Paddy Field.

Ridding Design makes it more to comfortable to operate. Made of high quality steel, sturdy and durable.



Driving-type Small Combine Rice Harvester Features

1. This diesel engine rice harvester integrates the functions of reaping and threshing;
2. There is a seat in the back of the machine, so operator can sit to drive;
3. Made of high quality steel, sturdy and durable; compact design and structure, safe to operate with high legerity and climbing ability
4. High threshing rate and low seeds losing rate with reasonable price;
5. Wide applicability, suitable for mountainous areas, hills and muddy farmland;
6. This driving-type small rice harvester has two types tyre: therubber wheel tyrefor dry land harvesting and theiron wheel tyrefor paddy field and muddy land harvesting.